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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the beginning...

My first post!
Crazy to think that I'm joining the blogging world, but I just thought it was about time that I shared snippets of this life I'm living with anyone who's interested.

Okay... really.... I'm here to share with my mom and anyone else who happens onto this page. I don't expect this to become some phenomenon; just a place to post the pictures I'm trying to learn to take, record some of the fun, typical, or unexpected things that happen day to day, and to learn to laugh about those things that currently make me shake my head in disbelief.

Enter, my children.

All boys. Three of them. I know this isn't anything amazing or unheard of. Lots of people have a way larger brood than me. But still. I experience things that overwhelm me, enlighten me, and humor me, and this is the place (aside from my scrapbooks) that I will share those things. I often feel like when I retell a story from our day to, say, my mom, she laughs, even though I'm cringing because of the event.
Like, waking up at 6am to Cooper telling me that he peed on the floor. Then, in hearing her laughter, I gain perspective that says, 'This is funny. Enjoy it. Don't sweat it!'

Hopefully, I'll hear that mantra in my head a lot more as I share life with you on this site.

This life is set on a ranch in the country... in some of the foothills Oregon, with my husband, Matt and those three little boys... Gage (5), Cooper (3) and Kaden (4months)... our golden retriever, Bosley, and our good-for-nothing-cat, Sly.

Yup, I'm surrounded by boys.

So, this will not be a site on which you will ever see Barbies, tutus, pink, or hair bows.

There is guaranteed to be bows and arrows, dirt, Legos, Monster Trucks, mountain unicycling (yup!), sandboxes, hikes, wrestling, food, spit-up and pee, tools, the outdoors, bugs, bikes, motorcycles, and all the other craziness that comes from the life of boys.

Maybe I'll be able to throw in some good recipes that we love, pictures of blooming things, and a scrapbook page or two.

But, my men dominate my life, so they will be, I'm sure, the focus of this site. Hence, the title.


A Fanciful Life said...

Just popping over from our auditors class with Karen. Amazing job on getting this up so quickly. It looks great and I love your writing style (even though you started it to post your photographs -lol).
Sharon :-)

lacey said...

Thanks Sharon! So glad to have a visitor!

♥ ♥ ♥ said...

Hey Lacey! Your blog is off to a fantastic start! Not only are you great with a camera, but you're pretty talented with words too!
I think you've found yourself another hobby that you'll really enjoy!!

Debbie :-)

Jacki said...

Wow- what a great start! I love the header and your writing is so fun. I have all boys and live in OR too! NO hair bows here either :) I see your tabs at the top- can't wait to see your recipes and scrapbooking too (Nothing against gardening, I just don't have a green thumb).

Mommy said...

Thank you, sweetie.
Love, Mom

Alicia said...

Love it, Love it Lace! Thank you!!! I am excited to follow your life thru this. I miss you so much! You are so great with words!
Love, Alicia

Mom said...

Remembering that day when my Dad died and your life with Matt was "born" still brings tears to my eyes. It was truly a Heavenly day.

alissa said...

Hi Lacey - I'm stopping over from Karen's class. Congrats on your new blog! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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