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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the results of that love...

On a little bit of a lighter note from yesterday, today you're going to meet my subjects... my boys...

First up...

Gage (aka... Doot Doo, Doot, Gager, Gagers, Gagebob, Bud, Deuteronomy)

Gagers just turned 5, though for some reason this picture puts him at about 14 in my book. He just got all of his curly hair cut off and it makes him look so much older. Sad.

He is my tender child. He is thoughtful and caring of others, sensitive and too smart for his age. He is quick with questions and always looking for answers. He remembers EVERYTHING (except a select few things that I wish he'd remember), even events from back when he was 2. He doesn't like to be alone, which is great because his little brother doesn't know what to do without him. I think the feeling is mutual.

We've started home-schooling this little man and he's doing really well (if I don't say so myself...). My choice to home school is pretty straight-forward... but I'll leave that for another time. He loves his brothers, Jesus, his Grammie, and a little girl named Emily, whom he has already declared his plans to marry. He's totally into Legos, dinosaurs, anything that drives, and his sandbox, but really isn't too fond of anything creepy crawly. Oh, and he loves PB&J.

Next up...

Cooper (aka... Coop, Tupu, Pooker, Rupert, Bingo, Mr. C, & Lloyd Christmas)

Oh, Cooper Leroy. He's three. This boy is my spitfire. He was given a personality test at Kaiser a year-and-a-half ago and tested extreme in each area. Extremely active, extremely sensitive, extremely bright, extremely... challenging. He's seeming to be getting better ... more even keel... or maybe we're just getting used to the way he is. I suppose I could say that the GREAT moments are heavily outweighing the challenging ones.

Cooper is always on the heals of Gage or fondling all over his baby brother. He tells me he loves me all the time. But, if he doesn't get his way, or doesn't REALIZE he's getting his way, he'll throw a fit. If we ignore it, he'll come around in a few minutes and announce, "I'm happy now!" He's especially fond of his Daddy... actually, this kid is fond of anyone, unless he deems them mean or stinky. Like, the Imbominal Snowman in Rudolf. He gave Cooper nightmares, because he was stinky and mean.

He's been potty-trained for a few months now, but is the culprit for my pee-on-the-floor problem. Grr. But he's also the culprit for supplying me with some of the FUNNIEST things I've ever heard come out of a kids' mouth. Many-a-posts will be inspired by this kiddo's statements.

Cooper has knock-knees and an overbite, stick straight, toe-head hair, and the bluest eyes you've ever seen. He's a personality all of his own. One of a kind and one you'd never forget.

(BTW, his hair usually doesn't look like this. According to his hair stylist (Dad), Cooper moved. This explains the name... Lloyd Christmas)

Lastly... finally...

Kaden (aka... KadeyKade, Tato, Sweetboy, Kade)
Be still my heart... this boy has got me. I am wrapped around his little bitty finger like you wouldn't believe. I have tears welling up just thinking about him, and he's just sleeping in the next room.

Kaden was born 4 months ago, 6 weeks premature on Christmas Eve. I was apart from him for 18 days while he grew and learned to breath and eat at OHSU. I feel like I'm still making up for lost time. I'm sure at some point I'll find away to post Kaden's story, but for now, lets look at the now with this boy.

He's little... little for my boys anyway. 25 percentile, but healthy, thank God. He is smiling ALL the time, trying to laugh, 'talkstalkstalks'... he's active now too; kicking, flapping his arms, and, somehow, can rotate himself in his crib. He loves to be held, swaddled, bathed, and naked. He's got the longest, blondest eyelashes I've ever seen, and paired with his huge blue, doe eyes, he'll melt your heart.

He sleeps a lot, though not for long *enough* stretches. He is so EASY otherwise, though, that I just can't complain. He may wake up every 2 hours at night, but coos at me, nurses, then goes back to sleep within 15 minutes. Like, he just missed me and wanted to visit.

Boy-o-boy do I love my boys. I have all sorts of thoughts on raising 3 boys (which is kind of the point of this blog), but the one that always sticks out to me is on WHY God gave me the responsibility (gift?) to raise 3 boys. Quite simply, He wants there to be more men on this earth like my husband... so, I want to raise them to be just. like. him.


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Oh, what sweet little boys. I'm a very blessed Grammie

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