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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Enjoying the Experience…

Matt and I decided that it was high-time we grew up a little and stopped mooching homemade raspberry jam and blackberry jelly off of my parents.  With acres and acres of land open for our wandering, we literally have gallons and gallons of blackberries available for picking. 

So with an couple hours worth of blackberries picked, we geared up for the process.  I washed pint jars and purchased new lids.  We strained out all the grass seeds that annoyingly stuck to our harvest.  I called my mom half-a-dozen times with questions about the recipe and process.  And after the boys were all in bed, Matt and I joined forces in the kitchen and set to work.

And I fully intended on photographing each step and documenting the making of our blackberry jam and jelly. 

But I didn’t take one single picture. 

Because I was distracted… by making blackberry jam in the kitchen with my husband.  Just the two of us.  Making jam.  Visiting.  Laughing. Working side-by-side.  I was too distracted by enjoying the experience to document it with pictures.  And I’m okay with that.     


Sometimes the memory-keeping can get in the way of the memory-making. 

I have no doubt though, that pictures or no pictures, I will remember the enjoyment I got out of this experience.


Mom said...

Right on, sweetie pie.

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