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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oktoberfest and Molalla-hosen

Every year… year after year… we look forward to our 15-minute drive to Germany… okay, to Mt. Angel.  To celebrate Oktoberfest, AKA: O-fest.   Sep-16-2010_Ofest7

The Mt. Angel version of the historical harvest festival started back in 1966 and is now celebrated each September.  Why September?  Because “Oktoberfest” is a generic word meaning ‘Harvest Celebration’ and in these parts, its celebrated around the time of the hops being harvested. But even in Munich most Harvest festivals are in September, too. 

Mt. Angel itself was settled in the 1800s by German pioneers, so the small town-community honors its roots by closing its main streets and welcoming thousands to enjoy a variety of ethnic foods, music, traditional Biergarten, Weingarten and Alpinegarten, and traditional Bavarian-attire (Trachten)… lederhosen and bavarian dresses are in abundance.  I think those involved in the planning of the festival have to wear the appropriate clothing, but I’m not sure of the motivation for all the rest…

Speaking of the attire, we saw some family friends while we perused the streets and they acknowledged the boys’ Carhartt clad-selves… Matt said, “Yup, they’re wearing their Molalla-hosen!” Clever, clever husband. 

Anyway, we headed into O-Fest for lunch on their opening day (which is always the second Thursday after Labor Day) and had to go right to the hand-made Corn-dogs.  That begs the question… is all the food sold at O-Fest traditional Bavarian cuisine?  I don’t think so, but I do think that inside this delicious corn-dog wasn’t just any old hotdog.  Authentically inspired O-fest sausage, perhaps?? Either way, the boys love them. 


As my little ducklings followed their daddy through the crowded streets, I was quickly reminded of how rarely these boys see this many people at once.  Kaden never made a sound he was so overwhelmed.  And Gage and Cooper became totally introverted and consumed by their corn-dogs.  So much so, that they failed to notice all the people surrounding them and consequently ran into numerous passer-byers.   

Sep-16-2010_Ofes4 And then they became even more unaware of their surroundings when I introduced a slushy-like strawberry-lemonade.  These two, and the lemonade, were in their own little world. 

Sep-16-2010_Ofes7 Sep-16-2010_Ofest1 And it didn’t take long for me to venture into my own little world… little piece of heaven that is… when I weaved my way through the crowd to the Berliner stand. Again, I don’t know how ‘German’ this sandwich is other than the fact it is made on “German Rye Bread,” but I don’t really care.  It is SO. SO. good.  

Sep-16-2010_Ofest2Sep-16-2010_Ofest5 Sep-16-2010_Ofest6 

At 1pm, as it does everyday (as well as at 11, 4 and 7) the Glockenspiel, played.  According to their website the Glockenspiel “celebrates Mount Angel’s rich history, Germanic culture and …world famous Oktoberfest.” And when it plays, everyone stops (except for those two guys in the picture below) and if you move and don’t honor the Glockenspiel’s performance, it is almost as if you’re getting up and leaving church during a prayer.  Not really, but kind of.  

Sep-16-2010_Ofest8 So, we stood and paid our respects…

Sep-16-2010_Ofest9 … and then walked onward in pursuit of Matt’s Rueben.  Another O-Fest favorite. 

Back in the day (when Matt first started attending), O-Fest meant fun in the Biergarten.  Friends, stickers, beer. 

Now it means stuffing our faces with delicious food as quickly as possible before we loose one of our chittlins in the crowd.

But O-fest will ALWAYS mean a good-German-inspired-time.  


(Lederhosen are not required.) 


Mom said...

What a great travel brochure for Mt Angel and Ofest! And your Berliner looked delicious!!

Thanks for sharing your traditions ... online.


Out In The Tulies said...

Love the Molalla-hosen!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Stopping over from Clickin' Moms :) I love your blog. Your boys are adorable, and photos are gorgeous!

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