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Monday, September 6, 2010

Its a Game… Its a Computer… Its an Organizer…

…its a phone?  Yes.  Its a Droid and its crazy.  Matt and I used to watch commercials for these ‘smart-phones’ and shake our heads at how advanced cell phones have become.  We’d wonder, “what will they be like when our kids are our age?”  Well, I somehow (for my birthday, actually) crossed over from the traditional cell to the smart-phone when we switched cell carriers and boy. oh. boy.  Like I said.  Its crazy.  I won’t go as far to say “what did I do before I had this phone?? How did I survive???” like I’ve heard some people exclaim in regard to their little devise, but I will say that it is pretty neat, what all it can do.

Aug-31-2010_Droid_1055 I create my grocery lists on it and it organizes them by aisle depending on which store I’m going to.  It sends me a Bible verse every day.  It gives me driving directions.  It reminds me when I have an appointment (which is great as long as I pay attention to that reminder… I arrived half-an-hour late to an appointment the other day…) It gives me my emails.  It can tell me all the places I can buy a product, and for how much, by scanning the barcode on the item.  CRAZY. 

Aug-31-2010_Droid1_1049 And yes, it is a phone, too.


And it is also a game… lots and lots of games.  Just ask Gage and Cooper.   


I’ve downloaded lots of free games, most of them educational – connect the number or letter dots, puzzles, find the differences, TicTacToe, etc.  And, um…  Finger bowling.  And Garbage Toss. 

Aug-31-2010_Droid4_1038And their favorite… Talking Tom Cat.  He’s a virtual pet who drinks milk, repeats what you say in funny voices, purrs when you pet his tummy… and squeals and falls over when you bonk him on his head.  Wonder why they like him so much…

I’m not a lover or endorser of new-age, trendy consumer stuff – usually I’m of the mindset “Less is More”.  I’m NOT going to say YOU’VE GOT TO GET ONE! Nope. 

But I will say that it was pretty cool to find my friends’ wedding registry and pick out a gift while stopped at a stop-light and then show the item to the salesperson on my phone and say, “Can you point me in the direction of these?” 

Pretty cool, indeed. 


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