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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Conversation With Cooper and The Faces That Went With It…

Cooper:  “Wheennn’s Graaaamieeee Comingggg???” Oct-18-2010_4153blog Me: “Four more days, Coop.”

Cooper: “Four DAYSSS??? That’s TOOOO Longggg!”

Oct-18-2010_4154 Me: “No, Buddy, it’s really not very long at all.”

He thinks about it.

Oct-18-2010_4165 And thinks about it some more… perfect contemplation to allow some picture taking…

Oct-18-2010_4167 Cooper:  “Really, Mama? ‘Cause I miss Grammie.” Oct-18-2010_4172

Me: “I know, sweet boy.  Four days is not a long time.”

He gets this grin on his face, gets off the bed and runs out of the room. 


He yells upstairs to Gage:  “Doot Doo!  Is four days a long tiiiime???”

Gage: “No, Cooper… four is a little number!”

I guess he needed some confirmation from the ‘Boss” as Gage likes to call himself.  Evidently his words carry more weight than mine.  Either way, he returned with this smile for me. 

Oct-18-2010_4174Whatever it takes. 

Yes, both boys are anxiously awaiting the upcoming visit from their Grammie… only a few more days!

And, in case you’re wondering… this conversation went down when I asked Cooper to lay on my bed so I could practice shooting with a high ISO and wide open aperture… so if you care, they were shot with my 50mm at f/1.4! and ISO 3200!! Crazy!


Dianne said...

Gorgeous shots and wait till Grammie gets on her computer at work! This is going to melt her heart and everyone around her...You know she'll call them over :0)

Auntie Dianne

Mom said...

Oh, Dianne, You couldn't be more right!!! I'll be smiling the rest of the week, just waiting until I see all of their sweet faces on Saturday.

Thank you, Lacey.

XO to little Tupu.

Lorrie said...


Becky said...

So sweet Lacey & great pictures as always.

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