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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some Entertaining Things I Heard Yesterday…

1) “Dear Lord Jesus, PLEASE deal with this naughty boy…” says Cooper, while laying his hand on Gage’s shoulder after Gage ‘disobeyed’ Cooper and messed with his muddy-water bucket.

2) “Mama, wanna hear a song and see a dance?” (me – “Of Course!”) … “Okay… Big wheels can do BIG THINGS! Big wheels can do BIG THINGS! (over and over… until…) Big Wheels can do big things… when they are on TRUCKS!”  A Cooper Leroy original, and the dance, of toe tapping and hand gestures, went along nicely with the tune.  And the hat made it that much better.  Oct-11-2010_3391 Oct-11-2010_3393 3) “It’s hard being little” Cooper actually said this repeatedly, but I’m sure Kaden was thinking it as he watched his big brothers playing outside. 

Oct-11-2010_3395 Oct-11-2010_3396 4) “Because I didn’t want to get my clothes dirty…” the response, when I asked Cooper why he was playing in the sand box, and then digging a whole, in only his underwear.  I chose not to pick this battle to fight.  He had a pretty good point, after-all, even if it was a crisp fall evening…


5) “Dear Lord Jesus, please help me not to do the bad things I do, and to not do the bad things I usually do… and please don’t let Tato get stuck down in the basement where a monster might get him and Daddy would have to rescue him…” Cooper’s bedtime prayer… the ‘bad things’ is repeated every-night, but the basement thing, that was new. 

Oh, Cooper. 

Have a great Tuesday!


Mom said...

Oh, my goodness. There are tears in my eyes...I just want to hug my little Cooper. What a joy. Like I said yesterday..."never a dull moment!"

XO to Cooper from Grammie
XOXO to Gage & Kaden from Grammie

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