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Friday, October 8, 2010

Five on Friday

1.  Did you look at catalogs when you were little, in preparation for Christmas or your birthday?  I don’t think I did.  But thanks to these boys’ Mimi, they do.  :)  It is only the beginning of October and Gage already knows exactly which Playmobile set he wants.  And the benefit of doing this so early is that we have 2 months to prepare him for the fact that he will not receive every. single. set in the catalog.  Oct-05-2010_Christmaslists 2.  Some dogs bring their owners the newspaper.  Others bring their slippers.  Mine?  Brings me a deer skull.  Nice.  Bet that’s not something you see everyday.  Fortunately, it wasn’t a fresh one. 

Oct-05-2010_Skull3.  Kaden now has 4 teeth and is still sleeping all night long.  Halleluiah. 

4.  This sweet boy learned how to make his own instant oatmeal the other morning.  He can also get Kaden out of his crib and provide him with Cheerios… I wonder if I now have permission to sleep in and have them fend for themselves? No.  I know.  I’m kidding… kind of.  

Sep-28-2010_Doot3Sep-28-2010_Doot1 Sep-28-2010_Doot2

5.  Those scratches on his fore-head?  In a word:  Cooper.  Gosh, Déjà Vu.  Did I already explain those scratches in another post?  Anyway, amidst their struggles to sometimes get along, the other night we had a moment that made me tear up and hug them a little tighter.  We were reading a bed-time story when Cooper quickly got up from my lap to go do something else (he’s easily distracted).  So, Gage seized the opportunity and slid himself onto my lap for a snuggle, which resulted in Cooper throwing a fit.  Thoughtfully, Gage slid back onto the floor and encouraged Cooper to sit back down with me because he’d “rather Cooper be happy than himself”.  And we proceeded to read the rest of the story with Cooper’s arm draped around Gage’s shoulders.  Oh, how I live for those moments!

Happy Friday! 


Marilee said...

Oh what a big help Gager is! This reminds me of Matt. When I was little and mom was out of town I can remember Matt braiding me hair and helping me get ready for school. (he still says he only put it in a ponytail, but he braided it too!) I think my favorite memory of all was when he pulled the wagon all the way to the gate so he could pull my pumpkin back to the house when we got home from school. I had told him that morning I was going to get the largest pumpkin I could find when we went on our field trip to the pumpkin patch. So, Matt being the thinker he is, toted the wagon all the way down to the gate. That afternoon, I walked out of the school doors so proud with my pumpkin, I stood at the top of the steps looking for Matt. As I stood there waiting to present my whopper, Steven Daily came rushing out of the door behind me and bumped me just enough to send my pumpkin rolling down the stairs. It got a giant crack, and most people would have just put it in the trash...not Matt! He packed it onto the bus, and you can bet he pulled it all the way up the way up the driveway for me. Those Meyers boys sure know how to take care of their family!

lacey said...

Ahh! Thanks for sharing, Marilee! I love that... he's still such a thoughtful guy, and I pray he's passing that on to our boys. :) Love you!

Mom said...

There's nothing like brotherly love. So sweet.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.


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