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Thursday, October 28, 2010

We Met A Skunk Yesterday… and Other Outtakes…

Oiy.  On my mom’s last day here, I took advantage of her help and the nice weather to do a shoot with my boys.  It started out innocent enough, but ended up being quite the adventure.  We began with the inevitable bribery to lure them into cooperation…  Oct-27-2010_4725

But our venture came to a screeching halt (pretty literally, as I SCREECHED at the sight of this), when we got to the end of our driveway and found this little beauty blocking our path.  Yes, that is a skunk.  They are SUPPOSED to be nocturnal but this one was a little looney (and very unlucky thanks to Grandpa). 


We managed to keep my dog, Bosley, away from it and eventually, got to my destination for the photos.  Starting with a pretty cute one… 


And on to some outtakes (I get kind of tired of always striving for great photos.  I fall short WAY too often, so I thought it’d be fun to embrace my shortcomings…)

Oct-27-2010_4765 Oct-27-2010_4766

Okay, this one is pretty cute, too…

Oct-27-2010_4768 Oct-27-2010_4786

Here, he’s falling.  Or, is he being pushed?? Either way, timber


And then Bosley was really upset that we didn’t let him get completely smelly by tangling with the skunk, so he had to do us one better and find a deer carcass to roll in.  And to share with us.  Evidently he took it all the way back up to our house, but I still have yet to find it.


This boy wasn’t havin’ it.  This is his DRAMATIC face.

Oct-27-2010_4806 Oct-27-2010_4846

And TRYING to get a shot of Grammie and the boys…


Do they look like they were done with photos?  Don’t worry, this was only half way through our ‘shoot’.  And I’d post more, but my computer keeps freezing up, despite the fact that I just transferred 100+MB off of my hard drive onto an external one. I’m having technical difficulties all over the place.  Mostly with my brain, so, I’d better sign off before I toss it out the window along with my computer and camera (which keeps freezing up, too.) 

And, thanks for the fun visit, Grammie.  It went by too fast and we’re already counting the days until you come back.  :)   


Mom said...

Thanks for the memories, sweet girl. I miss you all.


Becky said...

Adorable pictures, I especially like the last one of Grammie & the boys! God Bless our moms!

Melissa said...

Great pics Lace! The one with Grammie and her boys is priceless :-)

Heidi said...

HA! Great pics! Too funny, Lacey.

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