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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Things They Say…

I took these photos awhile ago of Cooper and don’t really have anything that goes along with them, so I just thought I’d put this out there… am I a bad Mama for letting my boys repeatedly mispronounce things? 


Let me explain… for a very long time, Gage said “chepit” for “ketchup”.  Matt and I loved the sound of it, so we started calling it “chepit”, too and still do to this day. 


Now, the boys say ‘a-cuz’ instead of ‘because’, ‘instruction’ instead of ‘construction’, ‘pampakes’ instead of ‘pancakes’, ‘gank-you’ instead of ‘thank you’ and ‘pea-hawks’ instead of ‘peacocks’… just to state a few.  And its not because they can’t pronounce the word… this is just what they think the word is.


Being a homeschool-mama… well, just a MAMA, actually, I know I should always be instructing, teaching, and inspiring my kids.  I shouldn’t let the incorrect use of these words go on.  


But, the more and more I hear them say things like “Oh, dear!” and “Wow, that’s fascinating” and “Actually, Cooper, I have a hypothesis about that…” I realize they are growing up so fast.  I suppose I just embrace the little things they say that exemplify their innocence and youth.

A-cuz it seems like that this stage of their life doesn’t last very long.  


Dianne said...

Cute...We still call it an ambliance (ambulance) and "that's the one what I want!", it's a hangaber (hamburger), a breadroom (bedroom), squit (squirt), basghetti (spaghetti). When we'd ask Jon what his name was he'd say, "My Jon" instead of I'm Jon.

Oh, to have them little once again...

Shannon Joy said...

You are such an amazing story teller! You know, my oldest said words wrong when he was a little younger (kabuz for because). I didn't want to correct him. All of the sudden, he started to pronounce those words correctly. And then I missed the mispronunciation :).

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