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Friday, December 3, 2010

Five on Friday

1.  I am shocked that I am awake right now to be posting this.  Kaden is almost a year old and he’s decided to start waking up during the night again.  But, then again, Cooper is almost 4 and he’s deciding to do the same.  12:30 – Kaden.  1:30 – Cooper.  4:15 – Kaden. 5:15 – Matt leaving for work.  6:15 – Kaden.  Now its 6:30am and I’m blogging.  How’s that for dedication??  :)  And the boys will be up in a half hour to start our day.  Oiy. 

2. I am so happy to have my camera back.  The report that came back with it said they had to replace the circuit board, which was malfunctioning causing the camera to freeze up and prevent the Auto Focus system from working properly.  I have to say I’m relieved that there WAS a problem with it so I know it wasn’t just my inadequacies… but now I have NO excuse but to totally rock this camera.  Eek.

3. Did I tell you that I picked my logo?  Or, logos?  Annie Bananie, of Bananie Designs did a wonderful job (in my totally unbiased opinion).  She was so patient with me and very encouraging with ideas.  At first I wanted just brown, blue and green, but the ‘melon’ color really added life to the design, which is what I want my photography to be about.  Life.  real life.   logos    

Now, I need to put myself out there as a photographer.  Yikes. 

4.  Does a bare baby bum ever get old"??  



I don’t think so.  Sweet. 

5.  More photos of Kaden, taken while practicing with my Speedlite.  He’s doing this thing with his bottom lip now.  Not too long ago he ALWAYS had his tongue sticking out. Now, he’s sucking his lip in.  I love documenting these little phases they go through – they seems so trivial and unimportant in the big scheme of things, but its part of Kaden’s story, so I want to remember it.  Sigh.  


Nov-30-2010_6653 Nov-30-2010_6659 

6… I can never stick to just 5! 

7.  Cooper is so emotional lately.  Everything makes him cry.  Wearing a pull-up.  Christmas.  The raccoon on the side of the road.  Gage pushing his chair in.  Wow.  I hope this is just a side-effect of being sick for so long and not an indication that I do in fact have a pre-teen girl on my hands, rather than a 3 year-old-tough-guy.  Ug. 

8.  I was able to run errands with JUST Kaden yesterday and actually meet up with Matt for lunch!  My dear mother-in-law welcomed G&C over to her house so my outing would be much easier.  And because she loves them.  But wow,  what a difference minus 2 makes!  Kaden and I zipped all over the place and I left COSTCO smiling!  Crazy.

9.  And now, it is 7 o’clock and soon I’ll hear bickering enter my cozy, quiet little corner of the house.  Let the day begin. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

It is nice to read your blog each morning and know there is someone else out there who "gets" it. The joys and struggles of being a wife, mother and woman today. Have a great weekend. I love the picture of that sweet baby bum, never can get old!

Mom said...

Happy Friday morning. Be aware, you'll probably hit a lack-of-sleep wall this afternoon!!

XO to sweet Tado
XO to emotional Tupu
XO to tender Doot

Heidi said...

Lacey, I adore your logo! :) No, baby booties never, ever, get old! And, HA! I knew you were right about that camera! LOL! Okay, tell me how much you love it after using it a bit, cause you know that is probably my upgrade, lol! :)

Melissa said...

That bum picture is EXACTLY what I was trying to describe to you when you did Ellie pictures...we MUST reenact!

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