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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Molalla’s Christmas Tree Lighting CELEBRATION!

Hello… I’m posting these photos to prove that we actually got out and about in the world… well, in Molalla anyway.  For the annual Christmas tree lighting.  We feel pretty excited to say that we’ve attended ever since Gage was a baby – so, for the past 5 years.  We may be the only ones in Molalla who can say that, except for Father Ed, who always prays before the “festivities” begin.  By “festivities” I mean seeing Santa and seeing the tree lit.  Exciting. 

Gage thought and thought about what he was going to tell Santa’s helper what he wants for Christmas, but when the time came, he was a bit shell-shocked.  Cooper burst out “I want a fishing pole!”  “Yeah, me too!” said Gage.  Kaden just sat there thinking, “I cannot move my head in this ridiculously tight hood.”  


Probably G&C’s highlight was sitting in the fire truck…


And then for the main event… the tree lighting.  We counted down … and nothing happened.  So, we all tried again and half of the tree lit up.  Then, the rest followed. 

ChristmasTree123  And because my mom was with us, the entire evening was a hit with these boys. 


MY favorite part was tracking down the parade of Emergency Vehicles with all their lights on.  We parked on the side of the road and watched the stream drive past us.  Can you imagine how exciting that was for little boys?  They hung out the windows waving and listening to the honks and sirens.  It was a beautiful thing watching the boys’ faces.  Even Kaden was mesmerized (while hiding in the back of the car, in the comfort of Grammie’s arms). 


If anyone from Molalla is reading this, you should come out to this event next year.  We could make it fun!  :) 



Mom said...

Yes, it was a fun evening...and don't forget the thermos of yummy mint hot chocolate! It was also fun to see Josh & kiddos in the parade in the VERY well-lighted utility truck. Lots of fun!!

XOXOXO from Grammie

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