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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

He’s Seriously, On the Move…

Like I’ve mentioned before, Kaden loves the stairs.  But now, when he’s not climbing up them and sliding back down on his tummy… (still thinking he’s SO silly for acting out this game)…


He’s doing this. 


Walkin’ and walkin’ behind his Tonka truck. 


He thinks this is pretty great, too. 


And the buttons on the steering wheel are fun as well. 


But nothin’ beats being on the go. 


Sheesh, I LOVE this age! LOVE. Love. love.


Stephanie said...

That's a lot of cuteness in one post! Those shots from behind are killing me! (they remind me of my son at that age, and now he is 13!! yikes! 40 came up on me FAST, sweetie!!)

Mom said...

Look at little Tado go! Will he be walking by his first birthday in a week and a half??? What a little sweetie pie.

XO from Grammie.


Your kids are so adorable Lacey!! How do you keep those beautiful cream carpets SO clean??

How are you liking your camera since you got it back from the Canon repair center??

My iphone has a built in voice recorder.....maybe your Droid has one!

Debbie :-)

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