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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Making the Most of Dark Days…

… by learning to use my Speedlite!  What could I possibly do to be more productive with my time during these long (short?) winter days than figure out how to use this under-utilized piece of equipment?  While high ISOs and too shallow a depth of field and grainy photos could get me down, I’m choosing to put this gem to use and to LEARN all it has to offer.  And how to properly use it. 

Not surprisingly, Kaden was a good subject for me to practice on.  These were taken at about 6pm, in his room which (as you see) has dark sage walls and one overhead light.  Without my Speedlite, I wouldn’t even have attempted to take photos because undoubtedly, I would have turned up disappointed in their clarity.  Not so with the Speedlite… it was fun to be able to capture this little guy having his quiet time (away from his crazy overbearing big brothers) without frustration over the lack of good lighting.   Kaden

Because I MADE good lighting, by bouncing the light off of the wall.  Which, admittedly gave Kaden a bit of a greenish tint, which I quickly tried to take care of in post processing.  But, non-the-less, illuminated him nicely! 


… and as I worked to master my flash, he worked to master his Drop and Roar Dinosaur. 


Then we moved to the hall, which was tricky because I didn’t have a good wall or ceiling to bounce the flash off of.  So I had to bump the flash output way up just to create enough light to properly expose the photo.  Its getting easier – I don’t know why I was ever intimidated by this thing!

Thus, I was able to capture Kaden in action with one of his current favorite games.  Its called “Remove All of the Books from the Bookshelf” and I think his brothers clued him in that they REALLY enjoyed this game when they were babies, too.  

Kaden3 Kaden4 Kaden5 Kaden6 Kaden7

This book is his favorite.  The game usually takes a breather when he removes it from the shelf.  He touches the cover (which feels funny) and then flips through the pages. 


I think its a good one for him to read as he gets older.  I fear it holds information that may come in handy for this littlest brother. 

Anyhow – I love natural light – what photographer doesn’t?  But during these dark, dark winter nights (and days, who’m I kidding?) my Speedlite may light up my life and will surely be the necessary fuel for my on-going passion of capturing moments.


Mom said...

Very sweet photos of little Tado, Lacey. Your photographic skills amaze me. In all my years of taking "pictures," making light (other than using a flash) never crossed my mind!

Way to go, sweet girl.

XO to Kaden from Grammie.

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