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Monday, December 6, 2010

Mimi’s Dipped Gingersnaps

I want to share with you our favorite FAVORITE Christmas cookie recipe. It comes from my mother-in-law and never disappoints.  They are Dipped Gingersnaps.  Moist gingersnap cookies dipped in vanilla flavored almond bark. 

Because of his amazing “Terandadon brain” (watch Dinosaur Train) Gage has the ability to remember the craziest details from WAY back in his life.  So, he recalls helping me with these cookies, starting when he was 2.  And consequently started asking when we could make them on Thanksgiving.  A few days later, it was time. 

The ingredients…  


Oh, and they can’t possibly make Christmas Cookies without hot chocolate.  I found this stuff at Costco and I may prefer it over a Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks.  

Dec-03-2010_6751 Dec-03-2010_6753 Dec-03-2010_6761 Dec-03-2010_6766 Dec-03-2010_6768 Dec-03-2010_6773

After the dough is made, the fun begins. 

Dec-03-2010_6779 Dec-03-2010_6784 Dec-03-2010_6792

Gage had a hard time trusting Cooper with such responsibility of rolling the balls in the sugar.  But when reminded that I let him do it when he was 2, he sighed loudly and handed some more over. 

Dec-03-2010_6794 Dec-03-2010_6795 Dec-03-2010_6796 Dec-03-2010_6816 Dec-03-2010_6817

And then you bake them…


And watch the sunset while they cool…


… and then make the Almond Bark to dip the cookies in.  This stuff gives the effect of dipping something in white chocolate, so I’m tempted to say you could do that, too.  However, at 1.99 a package for this stuff (and needing 1.5 packages) I think Almond Bark is the way to go. 

Dec-03-2010_6830 Dec-03-2010_6831

Then the REALLY fun part.  Gage carried around the red sprinkles and Cooper carried around the green, all day in anticipation for the finale. 

Dec-03-2010_6833 Dec-03-2010_6837 Dec-03-2010_6840Dec-03-2010_6862

Well, the finale is actually eating them, but you’ll sense that when you make them yourself. 

I know its mean, but I’ll share the recipe tomorrow.  :) 


Mom said...

Oh, my.....I missed my chance to have one of these delicious cookies this weekend! But the sweetness of three grandsons certainly exceeded a yummy Christmas cookie!

Your photo-blog - what a wonderful way to capture Christmas-tradition memories.

XOXOXO from Grammie.

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