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Friday, December 17, 2010

Five on Friday

1.  I don’t know how many times I hugged and kissed my boys yesterday, but I think I set some sort of record.  (See yesterday’s post) I couldn’t get enough of their warm skin, silly comments, and contagious laughter…

2.  … until 8:30pm when Cooper came out of his room for the third time with some made up goofy excuse for why he had to come talk to us.  Then, I was ready for his day to be done. The first time – to go potty, again.  The second time – to put his water cup outside his door so he didn’t drink too much.  The third time -  to put his cardboard paper airplane outside the door because he decided he didn’t want it in is room, on his floor anymore, making a mess.  Hmm.  He’s been doing this more and more and it totally reminds me of my brother, Bart.  When we were kids, we had rooms across the hall from each other and EVERYNIGHT, about 10 minutes after saying prayers and goodnight to my mom, he’d have to get up, walk down the hall and call upstairs “Goodnight, Daddy… Goodnight, Mommy…” “Goodnight, Barty” they’d say.  EVERYNIGHT. 

3. In case I didn’t mention it, Matt did end up having a successful bow hunt this year for deer.  He actually got one on Thanksgiving, about 45 minutes before we were to have dinner.  It was awfully convenient timing and right after my in-laws left from dinner Matt went out and found it exactly where he’d expected to.  :)  To make the kill even sweeter, he shot the buck with a longbow that he made.  How’s that for self-sufficiency? 

4.  I feel like I’m cheating on this blog… I’m in the process of creating a new one.  A brand spankin’ new blog… but more to come on that later. 

5.  Do you watch The Sing Off??? I should have posted about it weeks ago because the finale is this coming Monday.  This show (in my opinion) is the BEST reality talent show on TV.  I say that lightly, though, because other than So You Think You Can Dance is the only other one I watch.  But seriously, The Sing Off is amazing.  And it helps that Matt enjoys watching it, too. 

6.  I can’t leave without a photo of my almost-one-year-old.    Dec-11-2010_7401 YUM!  Don’t you just wanna kiss that cheek???

Have a joyous weekend! 


Anonymous said...

How could you expose me to your blog fans like that! Middle child issues I'd guess. No one ever told me that middle kids can be weird until a year or so ago, then it all made sense. ;) Don't tell Cooper.

your brother Bart

lacey said...

Hahaha! I hoped you see this, Barty!

Mom said...

...and not just ONCE every night, but three or four times EACH night. Good night, Barty!!!

XOXO to Bart and Cooper

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