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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SO Big

 I was really hoping on sharing photos today from our time this weekend with my family in Seattle but much to my annoyance, my computer is too full of stuff and loading the photos onto my hard-drive is not going to happen.  At least not until I either A) transfer 200 GB off of my C Drive or B) install more RAM.  Whatever and however I do that, I don’t know.  So, in few hours when the 10,000 or so items have transferred from my C Drive to my external hard drive, and I delete them, I’m crossing my fingers that I can load the 400 photos from my memory card onto my system to work with.  Ah…  too much information for you, I’m sure. 

Anywho… here are some photos I’m happy to share in the mean-time! 

Growing up, whenever we’d have something kind of stuck in our throats, causing us to cough, my mom would encourage us to do ‘SO Big!’ which meant, lifting up our arms into the air.  I have no clue if it actually helps in the choking situation, but it turns out to be a pretty cute thing to teach an almost-one-year-old to do…

  “Kaden is SOOOOO Big…”  gets this reaction out of him… Dec-13-2010_7289SOBig1SoBig2Dec-13-2010_7302  Clearly, judging by the 50 or so images I took of him doing this the other day at breakfast (hence the unfortunately placed banana peel in the foreground of the frame) I got quite a kick out of this new game.

  As did he. 

  And Gage, who was the one shouting the phrase at Kaden over and over, simultaneously throwing his arms up into the air as well, enjoyed it a lot, too.  

  Gosh, I love this age. 


Dianne said...

Uncle Craig still does "SO big!" when he's choking...It's pretty hilarious!

Stephanie said...

I totally hear you on the photo storage! I need to figure something out too!
And this story reminds me of my Grandmother. When we were little and had something in our throats, she'd point at the ceiling and say, Look, Jesus is up in Heaven. So of course, you'd look, right?
Your little men sure are cuties!!

Heidi said...


Alicia said...

Those pictures are adorable! I LOVE them. You can't help but smile looking at him! Thank you for starting my morning off with a big smile. Love and miss you Lace---and all of those men of yours'

Mom said...

Yep, Great Uncle Craig is SO much BIGGER than little Tado. (We miss you Craig & Dianne!!)


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