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Monday, August 2, 2010

And They Played All Day…

in the grass and in the hay…   You know you’re a mom (or maybe a school teacher or daycare provider) when certain images make lines from a children’s book pop into your head.

Anyway, I took these pictures of Gage on one of our evening walks back from the pond.  I was trying to play with sun-flare in my photos, but mostly just got blinded by my attempts.   


Except for with these two… kinda looks like a jelly fish is coming at him through the trees.  But that is actually sun-flare, which is what happens when light hits directly into the lens and bounces around inside it, affecting the picture in pretty cool ways.  Sometimes.  Here, I think it is a bit distracting, so I’ll go ahead and edit it out.

Now you see it…  


… now you don’t! Gageinthehay1E



No Jellyfish.

Gageinthehay2E Just thought I’d share these photos, today, and the usefulness of the ‘cloning’ in photoshop … it’s great for taking out everything from cookie crumbs on a child’s face, to dirt on shoes (I wouldn’t go that far), to entire people (I would go that far)! It is amazing, and a little crazy, what editing can do.  

(By the way, we’ve been out of town this weekend and I hope to have some pictures to share from our time in Seattle.)  

(and in case you’re wondering, the line I was quoting is from The Big Red Barn … great children’s book!)


Anonymous said...

Lacey, we love that book to. We read it every night before bed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it is Jen and Boone, didn't mean for it to be anonymous.

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