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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Break…

Okay, a break from my kids.  For you… not me.  Actually, though, when I was taking these photos, it was a break for me from them because I was so fixated on this little bugger that I had no clue where they where or what they were doing. 

Anyhow… this dragonfly humored me by hanging out on this marker long enough for me to take about 50 pictures of it. I started out kind of far back with my zoom lens… dragonfly1

…but kept inching closer and closer until I realized that the lens isn’t lying when it says ‘MACRO’ on it.  Its not a true macro, but it worked to suit my needs… 

dragonfly5dragonfly2 dragonfly3 dragonfly4

All was fine and good until the dragonfly decided that my boys are right, and having a camera in its face isn’t all that fun… so it flew directly at me and I saw it coming through the view of my camera.  Now, when you are standing a foot away and have a macro lens zoomed in to 75mm on a crop-sensor camera, and you see a dragonfly flying right at you, it might be like what a rabbit sees when a hawk is about to snatch it up. 

It freaked me out, I screeched, tripped back, and almost fell.  And then learned that Gage was nearby the whole time, because he was laughing at my stumble. 

I like these pictures, none-the-less.


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