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Monday, August 16, 2010

Him and His Brothers…

See?  Now that Kaden’s sitting, I just can’t keep my camera off of him… impossible.    08-08-10_Kaden-Sitting_0368 Gage and Cooper’s “new-thing” is blowing on Kaden’s face.  At first I’d always jump to reprimand them, because who wants to have their face blown in??  Evidently, Kaden does.  He laughs about it every time. So now, if we are driving and Kaden’s having a fit, Gage will blow on him to snap him out of it.  Works like a charm. 


Gage is still taking his roll as the biggest brother very seriously and I love it more and more everyday.  It is sweet, but also proving to be rather useful. Last week I did a trip to Costco with the boys and we always cap off our trip with hotdogs from there.  I’d forgotten the front pack, (which resulted in Kaden sitting for the first time in the cart!) so was having a challenging time putting toppings on the hotdogs (I’d already unloaded and returned our cart).  

‘Don’t fret,’ I told myself… ‘Let Doot do his job…’  So, I handed Kaden to Gage and he stood there holding him like the proudest big brother.  It was adorable enough to get comments from those sitting around us.  I finished with the hotdogs and walked out of there feeling SO proud and accomplished with my little ducklings in tow.  Thank you, Gager.  It was a ‘Yeah-for-us’ Mama moment. 

08-08-10_Kaden-Sitting_0426 And another “new-thing” is Kaden’s tongue.  Apparently it has been lonely and neglected for the past 7 months and is now desiring some attention. 


“Hello, Kaden’s tongue.  Yeah, you’re pretty cute, but hey, instead of sticking out all the time, how ‘bout you help the kid out a bit and assist in the swallowing of the slobber.  His chin and chest would thank you.” 

And so would the 4 shirts of my own that I changed today. 


Alicia said...

All of your boys are getting so big! I was having a very stressful morning and seeing this blog post just made my day SO much better. I just want to snuggle Kaden...what a cutie! Thanks Lace for making my morning! I hope I get to see you and your men really soon!!!!!

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