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Monday, August 23, 2010

For My Birthday…

… I decided to post more pictures of my sweet baby Kaden.  I sort of feel like I need to apologize for posting SO many photos of him – I’m sorry if you get tired of looking at him.  I never do and especially since today is my birthday, I thought I’d just go ahead and post some more. 

When I look at these photos, I think of several things.

First: “Look at those blue eyes…” 


Second: “Great lighting!” 08-10-10_Kaden-Sitting_044708-10-10_Kaden-Sitting_0448

Third: “I’m so glad he’s sitting up!”

08-10-10_Kaden-Sitting_0451 Fourth: “Will he be three when he gives up his pacie, just like his big brothers?”

08-10-10_Kaden-Sitting_0452 Fifth:  “I sure am debunking the myth about third children NEVER having pictures taken of them…”

08-10-10_Kaden-Sitting_0453 Sixth: “… but I really need to learn how to pick a favorite and not fill the blogworld with SO many similar images…”

08-10-10_Kaden-Sitting_0454 Seventh: “Photoshop Elements is suiting me just fine and I don’t need to spend $xxx to upgrade.” (I have to keep telling myself this!)


And lastly: “Why could I not have taken 5-seconds to wipe that slobber off of his chin? He’s laying on a super absorbent chenille duvet cover… it wouldn’t have been that hard!”

Happy August 23rd!


Alicia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LACEY!! I hope you have the best day!

Mom said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl. (I love all the photos of little Tato.)

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