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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Red Robin… YUM…

Thank you for the birthday wishes yesterday… it was a great day and I got to spend it doing much of what I love.  The first half of the day was shared between spending time with wonderful friends at the lake and long naps.  The second part was spent driving to, and having dinner at, Red Robin.  Two hours round-trip with a crying baby and 2 excited boys was actually worth the  “YUM” dinner.   Kaden may disagree. 

Its always great when you don’t have to wait for a table and you get to sit outside – especially with a crying baby and 2 excited boys…   08-23-10_RedRobin_0805

Gage and Cooper entertained themselves with coloring while we waited (and waited) for our waiter…

08-23-10_RedRobin_0801Evidently, our waiter thought we ‘waited’ too long and gave us our appetizer for free!

And for some reason, Cooper decided to order steamed broccoli as his side dish for his Clucks. I think he just liked the sound of the word broccoli because I’m pretty sure he didn’t know what it was.  This was his first bite, and his last… 

08-23-10_RedRobin_0806 Kaden ate and ate all the food I brought for him but just couldn’t relax and enjoy himself… oh well.  I just felt fortunate he lasted as long as he did and that he was pretty happy once one of us would hold him.

08-23-10_RedRobin_0807 And as it always goes at Red Robin on your birthday, they brought me a Sundae… and each of the boys one of their own! This is Gage with his mouth stuffed with a cherry and some whipped cream… (they don’t get dessert very often, so this was quite a treat!)

08-23-10_RedRobin_0808 Then it was my turn to hold Kaden, and here’s Matt’s first attempt at taking a photo of us… see?  He was wiley!!

08-23-10_RedRobin_0809 Okay, that’s better.   


This was the first dinner out that I didn’t leave cringing and saying between my teeth, “Why did we go out to dinner with these crazy kids?!?”  And that we actually got our money’s worth of food. A WinWin and a Happy Birthday to boot! 


Stephanie said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you had a good time, even with the wiley little one.

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