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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Ferry Ride, The Beach, and Bunkers… oh my!

Warning… picture heavy! 

For the past several years, the boys and I have taken a week-long trip to my parents’ house during Matt’s hunting trip.  But since his annual trip will fall later this season, we opted to go when the weather was favorable – thus making the trip last week.  Over the next few days, I’m going to flood this blog with my favorite photos from our time with Grammie and Papa.  I think I’m risking getting booted off Blogger for it, but oh well. 

Its become tradition to spend one of our days at the Beach House in Port Ludlow and the mode of transportation to get there, HAS to be on the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge…  08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0738 08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0739 08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0741 08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0742 Its a short ferry ride over, and the boys were mostly just mesmerized by the vastness of the water…

I love taking this trip to the Beach House… after the hustle and bustle of our time there at the Fourth of July (see here, here, here, and here) relaxing quietly there, is a nice change of pace. The weather was beautiful, but it was pretty windy, which I unfortunately didn’t anticipate … but fortunately, I was the only one that seemed bothered by it. 

08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0748 08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0751 08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0752 08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0753 08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0755 08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0756 08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0763 08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0764 

We stayed at the beach until naptime then drove to Port Townsend to explore the Bunkers at Fort Worden.  You’d think I’d be able to tell you what war they were built for, since I’ve been visiting this place since I was little, but I’m at a loss. 

08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0772 Last year when we came here, we tried to venture through the dark, creepy tunnels, but without flashlights it was a bit scary for me the boys.  But this year, Grammie thought ahead and brought some enforcement along.  I think the boys were more excited about using flashlights for real than for actually visiting the bunkers.  The things NEVER left their hands. 

08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0774 (I had to get after Gage for always squinting in photos… this is his solution…)

08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0776 Up and down the tunnels we went, with Gage bravely leading the way… until he decided NOT to be brave at one point and made his little brother go first. 

08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0777 08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0778 With so many cool colored walls and places to perch, I had to attempt some portrait style photos of these kiddos… I couldn’t believe they obliged. Oh wait… they did only after I threatened to take away their flashlights and make them go into the tunnels by themselves… hehehe. 

08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0781 08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0784 08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0787 After dinner at the local pizza joint, we made a very stressful drive to catch the ferry… which we did, with 4 minutes to spare (despite the crying baby, wacked out little boys, hitting every red light and being followed most of the way by a cop…).  

08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_0788 At certain locations on the ferry, to say it was windy would be an understatement.  It was a challenge to walk and I was glad for the high railings…


Attempts at taking a photo of me and my boys…


The captain of the ferry helped with this one… he saw me desperately trying to get these munchkins to cooperate and probably noticed all the other passengers laughing at my desperation… so he HONKED.  Have you ever heard the blow-horn on a ferry.  Holy Smokes, it was loud.  It got the boys to freeze and grip onto me for dear life and it scared Kaden out of crying.  But only for a second. 



It was a joyful day…


Dianne said...

How fun! Lindsay wants to go back to the bunkers for a shoot. There are some really cool doorways and such!

Mom said...

It's going to be hard to "work" today, because I'll want to go back into your blog again and again to reminisce. Thanks for the memories!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day! Love the picture of you and the boys all together...those are so rare aren't they!

Shannon Joy said...

Looks like a great day!!!!! What fantastic shots!!!

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