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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Quite possibly one of the best discoveries I ever made as a Mama was of MumMums.  These little rice wafers are the perfect first ‘feed-yourself’ baby food, as they dissolve easily as soon as the baby’s saliva seeps into it… AND they are entertaining for the baby.  Now that I can give them to Kaden, eating a MumMum keeps him occupied for a good 10 minutes before he demands my attention again.  



Sometimes Kaden gets into such a trance while sucking on the MumMum that he moves on to sucking on his arm without even realizing… and it takes some gentle reminding to get him back on the food…


He also gets into such a trance that he slouches further and further down in the hippo chair (another great discovery!), supporting himself with his chin on the table. 

10-08-06_0218mummum 10-08-06_0220mummum But he can do it himself and that is the real greatness about MumMums and why I love them so. 

Maybe I’m in the minority when I say this, but I love it when my kids can start doing things on their own.  I totally encourage it whenever possible.  Maybe because it shows progress and maturity in Gage and Cooper, and with Kaden it assures me that there is life aside from nursing.  Yes, I’m sure someday when they totally don’t need me anymore, I’ll cry (and I’ll go on vacation), but right now I get excited watching their independence grow.  And seeing Kaden chow on MumMums is definitely a step in that direction.  


Mom said...

Precious baby.

XO to Tado from Grammie.

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