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Monday, November 15, 2010


No, I’m not talking about a dance craze from the 80’s… I’m talking about another great, calm activity to do when the kiddlets are under-the-weather, as mine are.  We’re on the brink of letting them sit on the couch and watch movie after movie, just to get them to rest, but every now and again they need a break from that.

And creating with Funfusion perlerbeads is just the ticket.   Funfusion1If you’ve not done these before with your children, I think these photos will pretty much sum up the process…

First you build… you can create your own design or go off of their idea books which I think are awe-some. 

Funfusion3 Funfusion4

When you’re done with the design, you place the provided piece of waxy paper over the design and iron.


The perlerbeads melt together just enough to fuse together.


And CREATE! Could they look any happier??


WARNING: if you are anything like me, these can actually become quite addicting.  Oh, and use tweezers… much easier! These can be found, I’m assuming, many places that sell arts and crafts stuff, but ours came from Craft Warehouse.  Happy Fusing!


Mom said...

Coop is such a little "cheeser."

I hated to leave you yesterday with two sick little boys and a possible third one on the way. I hope that Gager is on the mend finally. This Grammie's heart was filled with love by holding little boys on my lap for four days.

XOXOXO from Grammie

Shannon Joy said...

I love those things :). I may have to get some for my babies :). They will love them!!!

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