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Friday, November 5, 2010

Five on Friday

1.  My mood is much better today than it was last Friday… Matt is back from his hunting trip and because of that I feel like I can breath again.  His presence in my day just gives me such a sense of stability and by the end of his week of being gone, I was feeling a little unstable.  :)

2.  Speaking of the elk hunting, a few asked if anyone was successful this year.  Sounds like the trip was fun for all of them and they had a great time as usual, but Jon was the only one to kill one.  Generously, he shared the meet and we’ve dined twice now on this 6x6 bull.  And made 21-pounds of perfectly lean burger from him, too. 

I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing this photo on here… but that big guy is too cool not to show off.  The elk is pretty cool, too.  HA!  Nice job, Jon!  Jons-6x6-(4)blog

3.  I thought of a few more words to add to this post:  “puckleberries” for huckleberries, “con-tatch” for “attach”, “chopper-chopper” for helicopter.  Ug.  I know there is more but as soon as I start typing, they escape me!  I need to make myself a note to start writing these things down.  :) 

4.  Speaking of helicopters, Christmas tree harvesting season has begun… every year around the beginning of November we start hearing helicopters during the day.  And we see them hovering and dipping down to the tree fields to pick up bunches of cut trees, to quickly move them to the baling and loading area of the field.  And boy oh boy, do I get a rush of excitement when I see these choppers in action – not only is it pretty neat to watch, but it means my FAVORITE time of year is just around the corner.

5.  But no winter-time weather for us yet.  I jumped the gun last Friday when I commented on the rain (thankfully).  This past week has been BEAUTIFUL.  So nice, in fact, that they boys decided it was warm enough to play in the water and make mud in their sandbox.  Cooper started off fully clothed and then claimed he got too hot and stripped down to his scoots (a word we use for underwear)…


… which led to an 11am bath time in Mom and Dad’s tub, which they LOVE.   

Nov-03-2010_5456 Nov-03-2010_5465 Nov-03-2010_5473

Have a wonderful weekend! 


Mom said...

Yes, nice to hear that "stability" back in your "voice." My, that's a nice rack on Jon's elk! Is he planning to mount it? Nice to know that your beautiful tub gets used, especially by two oh-so-cute, blue-eyed, blonde-haired boys!

XOXOXO to GCK from Grammie

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