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Monday, November 1, 2010

What My Kids Were For Halloween…

… just plain cute.  And just, themselves.    Oct-31-2010_5049

No costumes or trick-or-treating for us this year.  We’d known Matt would be returning from his week-long-hunting trip on Halloween evening and that leaving to go trick-or-treating would be about that last thing we’d want to do.  Paired with the gremlins my kids (Kaden excluded) turn into when they know there is candy in the house, we decided to forgo the typical Halloween traditions.


I really enjoyed Halloween as a child, and I really have no intention of depriving mine of the fun that comes with it indefinitely.  They had a great time last year and we totally appreciate the safe, community oriented focus our little town puts on it.  All the “downtown” shops open their doors for the costume clad munchkins and for 3 or more hours the sidewalks crawl with crowds.  You can hear the on-going buzz of “Oohs and Aahs” over the adorable get-ups.  Last year, we even saw a headless horseman – and the boys talked about him for weeks (thankfully with excitement, not fear!) Oct-31-2010_5045

But this year, we stayed put.  The boys didn’t even KNOW it was Halloween until I took them to the store yesterday and the check-out girl asked what they were going to be for Halloween.  Gage looked at me with eyes that said “WHAT is she talking about, MOM!”  I quickly explained about their dad coming home and she fortunately got the hint.  The boy who took our groceries out wasn’t so quick, though, and kept pressing the issue as to why we weren’t ‘celebrating’. 

Fortunately, the Carmel Apple Spice from Starbucks distracted the boys out of their looming disappointment. 

And it wasn’t brought up again!  


And then dad came home (YEAH!) and this is how we spent our Halloween evening…


… I don’t think they missed out at all.  :)


Mom said...

What a wonderful way to start a dark, rainy Monday morning.....looking at those sweet faces. I'm also "picturing" you laying on the grass to take those photos. So happy that Matt's home safely.


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