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Monday, November 22, 2010

I Have a Picky Eater on My Hands.

Kaden used to eat anything put in front of him.  Now, he’s so picky.  At what age do they all of the sudden have preferences?  I certainly didn’t think it would be 10 months. It should have been an indicator to me, that I had a headstrong boy on my hands, when he completely wrote off nursing on my left side at 6 months. 

And now, this boy will take one bite of something and if its a no-go he’ll make a face.  If I try again, maybe it’ll get into his mouth, but is soon pushed back out by his deciphering tongue.  He does this will all of his past favorite veggies including squash!  What baby doesn’t like squash??  He refuses to eat pre-made baby food dinners (like, chicken, veggie and rice). 

So, that leaves me with very few options, I fear. I try a lot of things at mealtime (I don’t immediately give in to his pickiness) and we end up with lots on the floor, lots on the high-chair between his legs, some on the wall and often times, some on me.  Very little in his tummy.   

Except for crunchie things.  That’s what he’s into.  Like, these.  Aptly named, “Lil’ Crunchies”.


Who wouldn’t like these?  They taste like pizza flavored Cheetos!  Kaden will refuse other foods at meal time, over and over, but then I put these on his tray – handfuls go into his mouth.  Same with MumMums, Puffs, and ArrowRoot Cookies.  And toast.  He loves toast!  I’m hesitant to put what other things he loves… but rest-assured, at least he’ll eat pears and bananas.  So its not all hot dogs and chicken nuggets junk food.

**ETA: Gage is doing much better.  His doctor prescribed a steroid for him to take for 5 days, which is meant to relax his airway.  Apparently it tastes horrible and I have to plug his nose and poor it down his throat.  Which he quickly chases with water and then his gummy vitamins.  His fever is gone … and I learnt that his doctor doesn’t consider it a ‘fever’ unless his temp is above 100.3!  Anyway, little man lost 5 pounds in 5 days and I’m praying his re-gained appetite soon rectifies that.  Thanks, again, for keeping him in your prayers!   


Mom said...

Oh, little Tato. Yes, he's an independent little guy.

I'm so thankful that Gagers is feeling better, and pray that Cooper gets well soon too.

Lacey, I also pray for your strength & patience during this time of illness and seclusion!

XOXOXO from Grammie

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