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Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Grace to you, and Peace… {Molalla Oregon Children’s Photographer}

I’ve mentioned it before that I have a difficult time choosing a select few images from a session to share and it was especially hard for me with these of Grace.  Probably because it was my most favorite session yet.  I’m sure I could attribute a lot of that to the fact that I adore this little girl.  I was in the waiting room of the hospital when she was born and have watched her grow into the little sprite she is today, at the age of 2.  She’s energetic, strong, feisty, and holds-her-own with her big brother and my three boys. Oh, and she loves Cooper.

22 2

Anyway. So, when her mama put me up to the challenge of photographing her, Grace proved what a little doll she is.  For a little over an hour we moved around their yard playing and shooting.

4 6 8

Most of the shots were spontaneous captures following me putting her in a position, running back to mine, and saying “Gracie! Where’s Cooper??” And she’d look at me and smile. 

10 12

Sheesh.  Did I mention she’s goofy, too??

14 16 18 20

I’m so happy to share these with you, and so thankful Gracie’s mama let me borrow her for practice.  It was a blessing! 


Dianne said...

The little goofy smile resembles Cooper's in a way :0)

Mom said...

Yes, what a couple they would make!!

Very sweet photos, Lacey. And I know the hours you spend "after" a session editing the photos so they are just right.


Melissa said...

Love, Love, Love them Lace! Thanks for taking the time with my little love, they are great and you captured her perfectly :-)

Marilee said...

You must share with me the story behind the green Chair! Where did you get it? Was it yours as a child or did you buy it; either way you are sure getting some great use out of it and I sure love it!

Kori said...

These are stunning!!!!

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