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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Three B-Boys… {Molalla, Oregon Children's Photographer}

I was so touched when these little guys’ mama asked me to photograph her boys!  Touched and nervous, because while it may seem that photographing 3 boys would be comfy territory for me, I know the tone of voice I have to take with mine to get them to cooperate and I am not ABOUT to go there with anyone else’s kids.   
Turns out, though, that my nervousness was more appropriately deserved by the weather… we battled looming rain clouds and snuck in as many shots as we could outside between showers.      Oct 26 2010_4495 copy_filteredwebOct-26-3boys1Oct 26 2010_4534 copy_filteredwebOct-26-3boys2
Eventually we got dumped on and had to find refuge in my home with my 3 munchkins and Grammie. And I was able to sneak away with each brown-haired blue-eyed boy (while the blonde-haired blue-eyed boys were occupied) and get some surprise shots for their mama… I hope she likes them as much as I do!
Oct 26 2010_4594 copy_filteredweb Oct 26 2010_4608 copy_filteredweb Oct 26 2010_4613 copy_filteredweb Oct 26 2010_4626 copy_filteredweb Oct 26 2010_4633 copy_filteredweb Oct 26 2010_4635 copy_filteredweb Oct 26 2010_4645 copy_filteredweb
(I had to work very hard to get this smile!)
Oct 26 2010_4649 copy_filteredweb Oct 26 2010_4657 copy_filteredweb
And when the rains finally took a break, and after giving them some hot chocolate to keep their energy up (???) we powered back outside and had our attempt at some group shots. 
And that is tough to do with an 18-month old… okay, sheesh… it’s just tough to do, period! 
Oct 26 2010_4722webUntitled-2_filteredweb I only managed to get a few of these sweet little guys together and all I can hope is that their mama will give me another shot some day! 


Kristine said...

Holy gorgeous boys! Love, love, love these shots. I found your blog on CM and thought I would click over and take a peek. Your blog template is the same as mine, lol! (Great taste anyone?) Anyway, just wanted to say hi and love your photos. :)


Dianne said...

You did a great job Lacey...I love the eyelash shot of the older boy!

"And when the rains finally took a bread"...I tried to picture that :0)

Becky said...

So sweet! Great pictures!

Lorrie said...

You hit another one out of the park Lacey!

Mom said...

Nice "stills" of three very active little boys!! It was fun watching you be so patient and creative.

Nettie said...

So beautiful! Momma will be so proud :)

Shannon Joy said...

Lacey, you are such a talented photographer!!! These are absolutely stunning!!!!

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