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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

That Was An Interesting Night…

I took Gagers to the doctor yesterday morning because his fever just wouldn’t quit.  I thought Cooper was going to have to be examined, too, because the night before he sounded like a seal, but by the morning his cough had broken up and was considerably better.  The boys are always excited to go to the doctor’s office, particularly to see Pam (who, this time, Cooper repeatedly and totally seriously, called “Ham”) the nurse.  After examination, Dr. Clarke determined that Gage had a double ear infection and a sinus infection.  I had obviously known something wasn’t right with him, but was surprised at this diagnosis because he’d only complained of pain in his ear a few times when he coughed. 

Anyhow, when we got home Gage napped for three hours.  Upon having his first dose of the antibiotic, Cooper threw a fit that he didn’t get any.  He said, as he stomped off angrily “JUST GREAT!  I didn’t get to talk to Dr. Clarke and I don’t get PINK MEDICINE!  JUST GREAT!”  He’s honestly wishing he were sick too! 

Gage sat on the couch all evening watching The Land Before Time movies and Matt left around 6:30pm to go work on a bow.  I took Kaden up to get ready for bed at 7 and around 7:30 Gage kind of crawled into the room and told me he was having a hard time breathing.  He laid down with his head in my lap, and I tried to coax him into relaxing.  As I got more and more concerned I could feel his temperature and heart rate increasing.  He didn’t want to stand and actually started whimpering when I told him I had to get up to put Kaden to bed. 

Fast forward a half-an-hour and I’m trying to keep Gage awake, Myrna (Matt’s mom) is here to stay with Cooper and Kaden, Matt’s on his way home and I’ve talked to two on-call doctors who have both encouraged me to take Gage into either an ER or Urgent Care because of his temperature and breathing with retraction (when they breath and their abdomen tucks up under the rib-cage).

As soon as we stepped outside into the cool air, I could tell his breathing got better, but this was absolutely one of those situations where I could hear “it is better to be safe than sorry” ringing through my ears. 

At the Urgent Care Center, Gage snuggled into a rather lifeless ball on Matt’s lap as we waited an hour to be seen.  Gage lifted his head a few times to acknowledge that he was glad he wasn’t “that kid” who was in the neighboring room SCREAMING about having to have shots.  And he was glad he wasn’t the kid who was getting stitches, too.

When we were finally seen, Gage’s temperature was 102.9, it was clear that each breath exhausted him, and his lips had gone from rosy to purple.  They didn’t hear pneumonia in his lungs. They checked his oxygen and it was very low, so after giving him IB Profen AND Tylenol (did you know you can double those up together??) for his fever and verified that his ears were very infected and his breathing was VERY labored… they did a breathing treatment with a nebulizer and we watched the life come back into him.  They say its like a shot of caffeine for a little kid and I concur! 

They sent us home with a nebulizer, which we’re to use every 3 hours for the next two days, along with the antibiotics and IB Profen/Tylenol regimen.  We were told that when the constriction goes down and starts breaking up in his lungs we may find that there is ‘a little pneumonia in there’.  Hmm.  Whatever that means.  But, we’ll be watching and waiting.

At that point, even though his fever was still 102, Gage was feeling so much better that we went through the drive-through at McDonalds (don’t tell Cooper!) before heading home.

Bed was a welcomed sight to us all, but Kaden had a different idea and woke up about a half-hour after I fell asleep.  And then again at 5. And Cooper crawled into my bed at 6 (because “he missed me”).  And I heard Gage coughing on the couch at 7.  So we’re up for another day and I think Gage is going to get very tired of me hugging him and asking if he’s okay, today.  Because I get a bit nauseated every time I remember his little voice whispering “It’s hard to breathe, Mama…” I’m going to hover, a lot. 

I am so thankful for my husband, my mother-in-law, the doctors who cared for Gagers.

I am eternally grateful for each breath my little boys take.          


Dianne said...

So glad Gage is on his way to feeling better! Yes, we are thankful for every breath, every smile...every day :0)

Auntie Dianne

Nettie said...

Brings tears to my eyes to know that poor Gagers was feeling so badly! Glad to hear that the nebulizer worked and he's doing better :)

Mom said...

As precious as it was to just cuddle Gage over the weekend, I know we'd all rather see the active, silly Gagers, so full of life and sweetness. Praise be to God!

XO to Gage from Grammie

Anonymous said...

Hang in there momma! You are doing a great job. I love alternating ibuprofen and tylenot when Boone is sick. It does such a good job of keeping his fever down and calming him.

Dana said...

Lacey..oh, I am so glad he is ok, that you all are ok. Cooper, thank you for being the "funny" that we all needed through that story. I found myself on the edge of my computer seat, and then laughing at a Cooper comment. I love it, leave it to the middle child (I am a middle child too) to add an unintentional "funny". I love you all so much. Keep us posted Lacey. Prayers headed your way from Spokane tonight.

Stephanie said...

Glad to hear he is on the mend! Hope everyone is back to normal ASAP!

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