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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

While Dad Was Away…

Matt was gone all of last week on his annual elk hunting trip and although it seems to me everything should come to a halt while he’s away, daily life unfortunately rolls on.  My mom spent the first half of the week here entertaining us but the boys and I had to fend for ourselves Wednesday thru Sunday.  So, what happened when Dad was away… 

First, we’d joked that Kaden would be walking by the time Matt got back from his trip… not QUITE, but he did start cruising along the couches and anything else stable that he can support himself on (the walls, chairs, our legs, etc).

Kaden also decided the dishwasher was a fun place to hang-out… Oct-29-2010_4949Oct-29-2010_4950 Oct-29-2010_4952

… and, he popped through another tooth!  He’s had a busy week, and REALLY missed his daddy. 


It would have been easy for me to mope around the house, missing my better half, but I did get out and have some fun… a ‘girls’ night! 


Well, plus kids.  Just, minus husbands.  Regardless, it was a great time and a welcomed distraction to both of us mamas who were missing our husbands. 


(We tried to watch a movie but, after dessert was consumed there was no keeping these boys in one place.) 


Every other night, I stayed up until midnight, getting myself as tired as possible so I could sleep soundly – not missing Matt.  And then getting up at 5:30, to start the day.  

On a brighter note, I only cooked 2 meals… this one from the Pioneer Woman which lasted me about 3 days worth of lunches and dinners and then fettuccine alfredo which carried me through the homestretch.  Oh, and one dinner of Top Ramen.  I don’t know if that counts.  While I love to cook, I appreciated the break from thinking about meals.  I was thinking about food though, because the boys asked me for “something yummy to eat” about 12 times a day. 

Also while Matt was gone, I received about a dozen phone calls reminding us to vote.  Mental note to vote!

The boys discovered spit balls.

And we decided it would be a long time until Dad leaves us again.  Thankfully he’s back now, and all seems right in the world again.  Well, our little bitty 5-person-world, anyway.    


Mom said...

Sweet little Tado.
I'm glad you had a nice evening with Melissa and kiddos. That was a nice change of pace from the mostly raining indoor days.

XOXOXO from Grammie

The Gores said...

OOOOH I so want to try that recipe. Your life sounds like mine every other week since beginning of Sept. I finally gave myself the luxury of getting McD's once this last time. Whenever Michael is gone I notice we can eat for $25 for the whole week. Kids are simple people really (well when it comes to dinner that is). Glad you had some mom time and melissa time. I can usually make it three days before I really need some adult conversation in the evenings. Love you 5 (Any elk??)

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