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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Trusting Family… {Molalla, Oregon Family Photographer}

… to let me photograph them for 2 hours.  As I’ve discussed before, I get pretty nervous before shoots.  I think I’m allowed, since I’ve done enough to count on my two hands.  And leading up to this one was no different.  I can assure my ‘subjects’ that I am confident with my camera but interacting, posing, and the like is still something I’m working on. 

Before the S-Family arrived at my house, I had locations all planned out.  It was overcast, so we had lots of options and I was pumped.  Then as I saw them driving up the driveway, the clouds parted and on any other day this would have been joyous… but dealing with harsh overhead sun on a photoshoot is anything BUT joyous.  I was a bit panicked, was dealing with a hang-nail but no ban-aid, and I needed to quickly decide where to pose this adorable family.  Without appearing like I was nervous.  I kept reminding myself that “Such-n-such ProPhotog said she gets nearly sick to her stomach before shoots… Lacey, you are okay!” 


I think we ended up doing okay.  :)  As is normal, it took us a bit to warm up, but allowing the kiddos to get goofy brought out their sweet personalities and genuine moments. 


I sincerely hope they’ve found some images they enjoy from our time together…


… thank you for trusting me to capture your wonderful family! 


Kristine said...

Lovely work! gorgeous family too!

Mom said...

Very nice photos. I was trying to pick a favorite. But that was hard to do because they are all great. Each showing special personalities and relationships. Dad, mom, and son walking away with daughter peeking back at the camera is oh-so-cute. :)


Kori said...

Oh, I think you did fabulous!! My favorite is the first family one. What a beautiful family!

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