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Monday, June 28, 2010

Come Join Clickin’ Moms…

Just thought I’d put this out there, in case anyone is interested in learning a little (or A LOT) about photography.  Clickin’ Moms is a private forum where you can read tutorials, post questions and pictures and learn anything and everything you ever wanted to know about DSLR photography and editing.  Membership is made up of women (and one man) from total newbies to serious hobbiest to seasoned pros so you’re not to be intimidated.  And being a ‘mom’ is most definitely NOT a requirement for membership… It is safe, secure, honest, and fun.

I’m addicted. 

I LOVELOVELOVE Clickin’ Moms. 

And right now, they are having a ‘sale’ on their membership!

Click on the banner in my side bar that says “For the Love of Photography” and enter the coupon code “FRIEND” at checkout and receive 10% off any subscription.  Enter the coupon code “LOVECM” at checkout and receive 20% off a lifetime subscription.

Offer ends Friday, July 2nd!

And if you join, I’m lacey143 on there… look me up and I’ll show you around!


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