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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Walk with Friends…

Aww, to finally get outside and go for a walk with the Ferlans.  Melissa and I used to do this several times a week but somehow life has gotten in the way. Today, the sun was out and the kids were healthy… and FINALLY, off we went to The Lake. 


With 4 kiddos running and 2 babies riding, I’m sure we were a sight to see… but, as is the beauty of living where we do… NO one saw us.  We were in our own little world where the kids could roam and not worry about hassling anyone.

And as if that is not great enough for a kid, just to run wild, they got to swing quite literally into the trees, thanks to Melissa’s good pushin’. 


If that’s not a look of pure joy, I don’t know what is.  The boys have been sick with colds for 2 weeks now and this is their first time ‘out’.  Can you tell?? June-22,-2010-040

Doh!  Where’d you go Doot??? (Again, good pushin’ Meliss!)June-22,-2010-047 June-22,-2010-051 June-22,-2010-055 June-22,-2010-060

And then there is sweet little Gracie. Dainty as a pixie but as tough (if not tougher) than the 3 big boys (maybe even combined).


While the kiddos played in the water (running, swings, AND water?? They were in heaven!) us mamas actually got to catch up between nursing and comforting the babies and encouraging the kids NOT to try to push one of the row boats out to into the water.

Ironically, this outting ended just as our last Ferlan/Meyers event did… with Cooper peeing where he shouldn’t have.  Last time it was in the mud puddle where Gage and Wyatt were playing and this time, it was in the water right by where they were wading.  Who’s kid is this?  Everyone out of the water, and again, Cooper had to ride home naked.   


  But not before discovering a dead snake with ants all over it, which just added to these boys’ pure enjoy of this day… 


Really, it doesn’t take much to tickle their fancy and that’s just the way it is for a country boy.


Mom said...

What great action shots! That smashed snake photo is so cute. I'm so glad G&C are feeling better.

Shannon Joy said...

The one with the swing behind the trees cracked me up!!! Great shots, as always!!! Good work in the full sun!!

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