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Monday, June 21, 2010

A (Terrified) Glimpse into the Future…

There is most definitely something a little terrifying about seeing your two little boys be so naturally drawn to something as dangerous as 4-Wheeling.  Our across-the-street neighbors were having a pow-wow of sorts on Saturday and on our evening walk Gage and Cooper couldn’t get enough of watching these guys rippin’ and tearin’ around on these crazy things. 

If there wasn’t a closed gate in front of them they probably would have ran onto the track and begged for a ride. 

 June-19,-2010-029  I can not help but think that one of these ‘rides’ is in our future. 

June-19,-2010-025  Our DISTANT future. 


Unless you ask Gage… “Hey, Bud, how old you do you have to be to ride one of those?”… “FIVE!” he excitedly exclaimed.  In your dreams (and my nightmares), mister. 


Mom said...

I bet Drew (the neighbor's horse) was terrified too! Now when they go to the green gate, they'll probably be hoping to see the four-wheelers instead of sweet, calming Drew!

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