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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Are We Done Yet….

This is how we spent out Saturday.  After venturing out to Portland for some wood for a bow Matt’s making and then to Costco I convinced Matt to stop by Honda to have them check out our car because our heat/air conditioning wasn’t working right ever since those little critters set up residence in the blower motor. 

At first they made it sound like it’d be covered under the warranty, so we were hopeful and agreed to just get it fixed.  

thru May 22, 2010 071 Once the boys got over the fear of the little girl who was already in the play-room, they settled in for the wait… thru May 22, 2010 068The boys were GREAT, thank the Lord, and Kaden was quite the hit amongst all the other joyfully waiting customers (he had one lady practically in tears she was so smitten!). 

The lady helping us assured me that she was trying to have our warranty cover it, but no such luck…

And after 3 hours, one fried transistor, one NEW transistor, and a $200 donation to Honda, we were on the road… 

…with a new clicking sound behind the glove box that was never there before.

And we’re still not sure that the heater works right. 

Are we DONE with this mouse fiasco yet??

“All God’s critters have a place in the choir…”  just NOT in my engine, OKAY??


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