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Monday, May 3, 2010

Never too early...

Apparently, it is never too early to plan for the rest of your life. Just ask Gager. He's got a lot figured out when it comes to his future, from driving Monster Trucks all the way to who he's going to marry.

Miss Emily.

Gage has always been fond of her, as they've been 'friends' since they were babies. She's an energetic, kind, welcoming little girl. A while back, Gage asked me if he loves her. I said, 'Sure, bud. Jesus wants us to love everyone. Plus, she's a great friend so of course you can love her.' He blushed and that was that.

But just before his birthday, he told me that he is going to marry Emily someday. I asked him when, thinking his fictitious thoughts would result in a 'tomorrow' reply. I should have known better. "When I'm a man and can drink coffee," he says. Hmm.

I told Emily's mom of Gage's intentions and she's on board. I guess she's as fond of Gage as I am of Emily.

A few days later, Emily's grandparents had an Easter egg hunt, to which we arrived late and completely missed the finding of the eggs. G&C were bummed, but who should SO graciously share her eggs with them? Emily. Later that afternoon I thought I'd use that experience as a chance to encourage sharing and generosity. I asked, "How did that make you feel, Gage, when Emily shared her Easter eggs with you?" And being Gage, he replied, "It made me want to marry her even more." Good answer!

Two nights ago, we read in their Bible about Issac praying to God for Rebekah to become pregnant, even though she was old and without child. Afterward, Gage thoughtfully said, "When we are married, I will pray to God for Emily to have babies, if she can't". Right on, Buddy. (by the way, this kid already knows he wants 3 kids, but hasn't named them yet because he says he'll have to ask his wife which names she wants. am I training this kid right or what?)

And then this morning's talk of marriage made me decide this story must be shared. We're coloring and Gage tells me I'm a city-girl and always will be because I was born in the city. (I'd beg to differ, though, because I can't venture into the city anymore without breaking into a sweat) Then he says, "Emily and I will always be country-kids." "Oh really?" I said, wondering where this was going... "Yes, and we will have country kids because we will live in the country when we are married. We'll live right by you and Dad so we can walk to your house and you can take care of our kids." Again, am I raising this kid right or am I raising this kid right?!

It is never too early to plan for the future... just ask my 5-year-old.


Mom said...

Oh, my sweet little Doot! I love you so, Grammie

Becky said...

Soooo sweet! Thanks for sharing! I love this picture too!

Alicia said...

Gage's crinkled nose smile in this picture is adorable! It is never to early to find love!!

Becky said...

I printed this & read it to Emily, she was smiling ear to ear! And I had to read it about 4 times in a row. :)

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