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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time with Dad…

Seems like the rain decides to give us a break by the time Matt gets home in the evening, so I’m able to usher these boys outside with him for awhile… something we ALL need.

Thru May 25, 2010, reg's bow 1 038 Their request for what to do is usually always “Ride the Motorcycle” or “Shoot their Bows”.  Bows won this time, because Gage needs to practice. 

Thru May 25, 2010, reg's bow 1 007 He’s going on an over-night trip with Matt this weekend to a bow-shoot up in Washington.  The fun part is that he has no clue… the not so fun part is that he’s going to miss out on time with Grammie.  Last night Matt asked Gage was the FUNNEST thing he could think of to do… Gage quickly replied spend time with Grammie.  Matt was hoping he’d say, “Shoot my bow with you, Dad.”  No luck.  He’ll be excited, though.  He NEEDS to do something ‘big boy’ without Cooper.   

Thru May 25, 2010, reg's bow 1 012 Here’s Bosley…. never too far away.  Though sometimes we wish he WOULD be a little farther away, because he really stinks.  Blame it on the gopher he killed the other day, then cuddled with in his house all night long.  And to think that I USED to cuddle with Bosley in MY bed… sick.  Thru May 25, 2010, reg's bow 1 032 Looking for the arrow Gage shot all.  the. way. up. here…. that kid has got some power behind his bow! Thru May 25, 2010, reg's bow 1 037 This is Cooper being stubborn and Gage looking like he’s got a sly idea… Cooper did NOT want Matt’s help putting his arrow on, but it just wouldn’t shoot how he was trying to do it… backwards. 

Stubbornness runs through his veins…. he is my son, after-all. 


Mom said...

Wonderful photos!

I'm sure that as the boys get to play outside more with their dad, they'll soon learn that Matt is the "most fun"!! I'll take a back seat and spend my time just showering them with love and adoration, cuddling Kaden, and enjoying my ever-loving daughter. (But for right now, it's quite a complement to be first on their little, oh-so-sweet minds.)

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