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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Saw Goats...

This was a conversation that we experienced in the car today. I think it is a good example of 3 things...

1. A conversation likely to be heard when you're driving in the country.
2. A sad example of how much Gage is following my example.
3. Life with a little brother.

Here's how it went...

We drive past a pasture full of horses and Cooper says, "Look, Doot Doo! There are neigh-neighs!"

And Gage says, "Yes, Cooper, I see them."

Gage starts to tell me a story about this that and the other thing and I can hardly concentrate on what he's saying because several more times, Cooper interrupts saying, "Doot Doo! There are more neigh-neighs!" as we pass several more pastures.

But now, each time, Gage is ignoring Cooper and presses on with his story, determined to get it all out.

I keep hearing, "Look Doot Doo!"... Gage keeps talking on and on. "More neigh-neighs!" says Cooper.

Finally, after about the 6th group of horses, Gage says, "YES! I know! You see neigh-neighs! Stop interrupting me, Cooper! Can't you hear my voice talking???"

With that, I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry, because I very clearly hear MYSELF in Gage's words. Cooper's face drooped a little as Gage continued on with his story.

It didn't deter him for long, though, because about 30 seconds later, Cooper once again interrupts, "Doot Doo, I have to tell you something"

Gage keeps talking.

"Doot Doo! I have to tell you something!" insists Cooper.

Gage raises his voice as he moves on with his story.

"Doot Doo!! I HAVE to tell..."

"COOPER! I KNOW! You saw NEIGH-NEIGHS!" Gage shouts.

I hold my breath...

Very calmly Cooper says, "That's not what I was going to say."

"Okay," replies Gage, just as I would. "What were you going to say?"

Cooper waits a beat, smiles, and says, "I saw some goats."


And, rather unrelated, but cute non-the-less, here are some pics of these crazy, little, conversational wizards...


Alicia said...

Oh I love those boys...what precious little men!! There is nothing better than the relationship you can have with your siblings...frustrated one second and in the next you are back to being best friends!

Mom said...

My, oh my, what an eye-opener! I read this entry several times, and I just wanted to hug all of you. You, for listening, observing, and learning; Gage, for liking to engage you in conversation & story telling, but impatience for his little brother; Cooper, for his persistence and diligence; and Kaden, for his huggability. I love you all!

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