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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Celebration Time…

We decided Matt’s birthday was a good enough reason to break out of our semi-hermit state and invite friends over  for dinner.  It is so easy to go day-by-day, just existing as our own little unit, that we forget what a joy it is to spend time with a big group of people.  Especially when that group is a bunch of good friends. 

So, if you tuned in yesterday, you read about my cake preparations.  I won’t go into that again… the boys helped with some of the other prep-work, namely shucking corn and furniture placement…  July-27,-2010-021G July-27,-2010-023

I’m still struggling with taking photos at large gatherings.  I don’t know who minds having their picture taken or not.  I get distracted taking pictures and forget my role as hostess.  Or I get busy playing (or attempting to play) hostess and miss out on lots of good picture opportunities.  Or, once-in-a-while, I actually play ‘Mommy’ and need to take care of my kids and photographer and hostess have to wait. At-any-rate, here are some photos that I did manage to take of our evening with friends, celebrating Matt’s birthday…

Jamie, Sawyer, Colby, Josh, Kaden, Brian and Ellie Waiting for dinner…

Wyatt and Gager

My first failed hostess/mama duty … not getting my kids’ food because I was busy with my camera.  Fortunately, the birthday boy took care of it…

Cooper, Wyatt, Gager

Gosh, it never gets old seeing dads holding their babies… while drinking Bud Light…

Josh, Sawyer, Matt, Budlight, and Kaden

I was so glad Matt’s bow-making mentor and friend, Boone, and his wife Lori were able to come, too.  Considering Matt and I can’t have a conversation without Boone and Bows coming up, it wouldn’t have been a party without him. 

Boone, Brian, Ellie 

So, Ethan may be on the list of those who ‘DON’T’ want their photo taken… looks like he’s going to get me for gettin’ him!  Not really…

Ethan and Wyatt

We loved having the chance to share our kiddo’s fun things with our friends.  Playing with other kids’ stuff is always the best … and it reminded MY kids what fun stuff they have!  No toy was left unturned or unplayed, and they even ventured off on adventures into the woods.  The swing-set was the most used, though, by babes…  

Colby and Mamas, too! Meliss and Gracie

Lori, Boone, Jen, Ethan, Lil'boone, Jamie, Sawyer 

And, just like it wouldn’t have been a party without Boone, it also wouldn’t have been a party without bows.  Matt encouraged all of his friends and their kids to try out our plethora of handmade bows… when Cooper caught wind that the little boys were shooting his, he huffed off, pumping his arms and stomping his feet, into the front yard saying “I just need to spend some time BY MY SELF.” He was gone all of 30 seconds.  


Gager was a gracious little host, until 2-year old Maddie and 21-month-old Gracie started playing in his sand-box and messing up his big pile of sand that has stood untouched for about a month.  He begged them not to, but the little-bitties stood their ground, clearly confused as to why a pile of sand shouldn’t be played with. So Gage was defeated and went off to deal with more important things… cake.  


The third failed hostess duty… (the second was when Jen started cleaning up for me … Jen, being one of my guests, was not supposed to do this, but because she’s also a kind friend, I let her!) …was when Matt had to bring out his own Birthday Cake, as well as cut and serve it.  Not sure if I was busy visiting or taking pictures to totally miss the boat on this one. 

Matt and GageWyatt and Gracie

The party went on until after dark – a pleasant surprise considering half our guests were under the age of 4 and the other half had to work early the next morning. 

Kaden didn’t want it to end though, so he and I stayed up until 11pm celebrating.  By ourselves. 

It was great to reconnect with friends and this gathering was maybe a baby-step toward doing a bigger shin-dig later this summer.  Maybe.  It makes me anxious just thinking about it.


Mom said...

Hostessing is a hard job, especially with babies and cameras. And helping out when needed is what real friends (and family) are all about. Obviously, your get-together was a great success with quite a variety of activities....captured in photos and text.


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