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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Slip-N-Slide Fun?

When your cat sleeps like this, for over an hour, you know its hot outside.


Hot enough, in fact, for me to finally bring out the Slip-N-Slide that they got for their birthday last year…Slip-n-slide1

We don’t have the greatest water-situation here on our property, so to let them play like this or in a sprinkler, its a big deal…


Kaden’s jealous… can you tell?? 

July-9,-2010-106 You can see it in his eyes…

Slip-n-slide5  Actually, you really can see it in his eyes if you look close enough – the reflection of the Slip-N-Slide is in there (as am I and the boys’ picnic table)!


But since the water wasn’t really an option for Tado, he found relief from the heat by swinging…

…while they boys continued to do this…


I’m glad they had so much fun on the Slip-N-Slide because it may be the only time they get to play on it. 

You see, while the warning labels on the box warn you that your children could be seriously injured using this product and that no one over 5 feet tall should use it, and blah, blah, blah… they leave off the VERY critical warning that using this product on the grass on a very hot day with inevitably KILL YOUR GRASS UNDERNEATH THE SLIDE.

Is it wrong that despite the warning of injury or death, I still let my kids play on it… but if they had told me that I’d have a 16 X 4 foot strip of dead grass down my lawn after using it, I wouldn’t have??   

Slip-n-slide4   Slip-n-slide7

Okay, maybe I still would have, but at least I would have moved it around a bit during their play time. At least give me a warning, guys! 

(can I sue Slip-n-Slide for a new lawn???)


Mom said...

Wow! What great action shots! I love them. Sly is also cute in his "inaction" shot :)


Stephanie said...

Such great photos Lacey! That last one especially is fantastic.

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