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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Tummy-time Saga Continues…

As you might remember, Kaden has issues with tummy-time that are two-fold… 1) he immediately rolls to his tummy when laid on his back and 2) he hates being on his tummy when he gets there, but has yet to figure out how to roll back over. 

The saga continues, though now, I’m not really sure what he’s trying to do. He doesn’t dislike tummy-time nearly as much – he can rotate around for optimum viewing and reaches for toys that are scattered around.  But when he’s had it on this tummy, he starts doing this…

 July-27,-2010-021July-27,-2010-025July-27,-2010-027 Sorry, this is a lot of bum shots … maybe its just a ‘I’m his mama thing’ that I think pictures of his diaper are so cute.  But ya really just have to view it from this angle to get the full affect of his efforts. 


Sometimes he’s happy about what he’s doing, but often times, not so much. 

July-27,-2010-029 Maybe he’s trying to crawl?  Maybe the ground hurts his tummy? 

July-27,-2010-033 Maybe he’s channeling his inner yoga instructor?


Sometimes he actually moves himself forward and sometimes he ends up on his back.  And I’m not sure if either action is intentional.


He’s working hard, that’s for sure.  You can see it in his face as he attempts to devour this poor animal’s footie.  Its rough being 7 months old.


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