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Monday, July 12, 2010

We Love this Place, Regardless…

… of the heat.  We love the Oregon Gardens and since my mom was the one who gave us our membership (so we can get in without paying each time) we try to visit the gardens whenever she stays with us.  So, the evening she brought the boys home we headed down the hill to Silverton and for some reason I thought it would be cooler there.  Nope. 

 July-9,-2010-022 All the pictures of my kids can’t be adorable… :)



I had to actually encourage Gage to climb on this thing.  He insisted he wasn’t supposed to.  Who’s the adult here?


July-9,-2010-035-E2  It didn’t take long for the heat to start getting to us, so at the first sight of water, the boys were all over it…


July-9,-2010-042-E I should say ‘all up in it’… they walked around in this fountain for awhile while I took pictures, hoping no one would come get upset at us and kick us out.  The fun ended though, when my mom finally said, “Maybe they shouldn’t be in that gross water.”  I stood up and looked in to find them wading in nasty, algae filled water.  My brain was still on vacation, evidently, because I hadn't even noticed all the ickiness their feet were kicking up.  Sick.

 July-9,-2010-060Then we found some fresher water…

July-9,-2010-058  … though I’m sure not fresh enough for Gage to be drinking.  Since I happen to know they use recycled water here.  Again, sick.


Seems like no matter where we go lately, Cooper has to ride home in his undies.  Not a bad idea, really though, considering at 7:30pm the car’s thermometer registered 94 degrees.


Mom said...

Gage looks so grown-up in the photo of him climbing in the tree! And I love the way your camera caught the splash of water off of Cooper's head!

Oh, so much fun on a hot, hot day.

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