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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer School 101…

Whether Gage likes to admit it or not, he loves to learn.  And apparently, he loves school so much that he’s just going to go ahead and do it on his own.  He got out his notebook and sharpened his pencil, and proceeded to figure out his numbers, in relation to his letters. 

Summer School

It went like this… he wrote the numbers 1 – 10 and then the appropriate letter next to its number.  A = 1, B = 2, etc.  When he ran out of numbers, but realized there were more letters in the alphabet, I reminded him that one-one comes next … “Oh, right! Eleven!” Then he proceed up to 19 even though we had yet to discuss numbers beyond 12 … he just recognized the pattern.Summer School

(Thank goodness for pencils and erasers… this prevented some meltdowns, as I’ve mentioned before, this kid is HARD on himself when he messes up)

Eraser goodness

Back on track, he added the next group of letters, paired up with his newly learned numbers. 

Summer School

Twenty and above was also new, but when I pointed out 10 (one-zero) and asked him what he figured the next 2-digit group of numbers would start with, he thought about it, and discovered the number two-zero.  He went on counting up to 29, added the rest of the letters and quickly erased the unnecessary three numbers.  

Summer SchoolSummer School

I could practically see the little light bulb flashing ON above his head… among many other reasons, this is at the top of why we are going to home-school our children.  It is MAGICAL to watch them learn – especially when the really want to and when they have the initiative to do it primarily on their own.    

Summer School

And then Gage came up with the bright idea that whenever someone asks him how old he is, he’d say ‘E’ and Cooper is ‘C’ (because they are 5 and 3… get it??). 

“How old are you, Mama?” he asked. Doh.  “Um, the letters don’t go high enough, Bud.”

He thought about it.  “What about Tado (Kaden)?” 

“What do you think?” I asked, not sure what my own answer would be…

Again, he pauses to think…

“He’s lower-case ‘a’!”

Always thinkin’ = Always learnin’!


Dianne said...

Enjoy teaching while they enjoy learning...It's tough when one of those factors is missing :0/

Gage is pretty smart to figure that out. So did he write his name 7175?

Lil mama Karen said...

What a smart little guy you got there.
You can almost see the wheels turning in his head as he is working.

One day my little man will be interested in writing, one day.

Mom said...

Oh, little Doot. Learning how to ride a two-wheeler, shoot a BB gun, AND figuring out his letters and numbers. Just goes to show you that learning occurs all year long, both indoors and out!

XO to my sweet Gager.

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