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Friday, July 23, 2010

My Heart – Part III

My three children have such distinctly different effects on me as a person and on my heart specifically… they each fill my heart with such joy, in their own way thanks to their distinctly different personalities…


You make my heart beat slow. Your presence, your touch, your smile… sooths my soul. While I watch your brothers run around like maniacs, I often see your precious face through the fog of chaos and I’m brought back to a state of calm. I smile at you and you smile back, as if just to remind me what a gift my children are.   July-13,-2010-051 Maybe I am still feeling the effects of being apart from you for the first 2.5 weeks of your life, but when I hold you… when I even think of you… I often get teary eyed. 

July-13,-2010-039-4X6sharp July-13,-2010-040 When I hold you in my arms, with your hands tangled in my hair and warm breaths against my neck, I feel like dancing.  In fact, last night, we did.  Just you and me.  You were having trouble falling asleep so we stood in your room in front of the window, swaying to the music of the fan and your occasional sigh. Even though I should have been wanting to go to sleep and should have been wondering when you ever would… it was the calmest I’ve felt in a long time…July-13,-2010-043-4x6July-13,-2010-044

Time will tell, my love, what your personality will be. Until then, I’ll just enjoy watching you become your own little person and will continue soaking up all the goodness you give.

I love you to the moon and back my sweet boy, Tado. 


Mom said...

Oh, my. What a sweet baby! I'll be on my way down to your home soon to soak up his sweetness.

XOXO to Kaden from Grammie

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