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Thursday, July 15, 2010

He Decides…

Kaden decides when he’s ready for something and evidently likes to do things himself, already.

At 2 weeks old, he pulled his feeding tube out of his nose and decided that he was done with the gavage feedings.  He was done with it, and a few days later, came home.  He decided.

Now that he’s eating baby food, he can’t stand being an inactive recipient of the food… he needs to be in charge.  So between every bite, he takes the spoon and assists.  Every time.  And if I try to resist, he gets angry and the entire feeding gets thrown off.  July-12,-2010-027



July-12,-2010-042 Do I have trouble on my hands?


No way. Not with that face.  


Mom said...

What a sweetie pie! I remember he also wanted to assist with the water bottle and sippy cup the first time I gave him water from them. I guess being #3 son he's going to need to know what he wants and to "go for it"!

XO to little Kaden from Grammie.

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