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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Classic Lessons from a Classic Treat…

Everyone has probably seen the commercial where the mom is making Rice Krispie treats with her daughters… and it is hard when you see that commercial, not to want to replicate it with your own kids. 

I fell for it.  I purchased the simple ingredients the other day.  (And, by the way, was loving this reality of adulthood… if you, as an adult, are craving a sweet treat like these, or ice cream, or cookies, you can just have them.  You don’t have to ask permission. I love and appreciate that very much.) 

This morning I was feeling bad about sending Matt to work, for yet another day, without cookies for lunch, so I told the boys “Today’s the day!  We’re making Rice Krispie Treats.” 

This was a big deal, because they know that I am not one to typically let them help me in the kitchen.  I like to clean as I cook, I like to be efficient and quick.  Enter children as helpers and none of that is possible. And that makes me very anxious. 

But in opening up my domain to these two little men, some very valuable, classic lessons quickly came to the surface…

1) Instead of being worried about the mess (I swept up about a cup of Krispies from the floor afterward), embrace the fact that they actually want to help. June-29,-2010-032

2) Instead of being annoyed at having to re-measure the ingredients several times because we lost count, be grateful for these ‘real life’ opportunities to work on adding and subtracting


3) Instead of wishing that we could just do this quickly, be thankful that they were willingly taking turns pouring in the ingredients.


4) Instead of wanting to take the spatula and SHOW him how to properly mix the concoction, LOVE how excited they are about watching the stretchy consistency take form

June-29,-2010-070 (because really, how totally great is that expression?? And it was followed by “WOW DootDoo!  That’s SO COOL!”)


5) Instead of stopping them from digging into the remaining goodness in the bowl because they might have just too much sugar, remember how wonderful little things like this were for you when you were a child (like, licking the beaters after making cookies!)


6)  Instead of being frustrated with the constant asking “Are they ready yet?” and the ignoring of my encouragement toward patience, appreciate their excitement for trying something new.


All of this from mixing together 3 ingredients, to make about the simplest treat ever.

Too bad I didn’t think of those lessons until AFTER we made the treats… I was not so relaxed during the process… but they were oblivious.  Oh, well… maybe next time.    


Dianne said...

Wow Lacey...I see a Mommy growing right along with her kids...So proud of you! You're gonna be a great mentor to other young moms...You already ARE to many virtual moms :0)

Auntie Dianne

Stephanie said...

This was such a sweet post! Loved it Lacey! And the boys are adorable - that expression is priceless! If you can, check out Kids in the Kitchen. It is all recipes little hands can make without going crazy on ingredients and dangerous equipment. My kids take turns picking recipes.

Melissa said...

And then SHARING the wonderful goodness with friends! Thank you so much, they are/were wonderful :-)

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