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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Heart – Part I

My three children have such distinctly different effects on me as a person and on my heart specifically… they each fill my heart with such joy, in their own way thanks to their distinctly different personalities…


My heart beats steadily because of you.  You are predictable, dependable, and consistent in your behavior and thoughts.  You crave routine, just as much as I do, furthering your predictability. You and I are on the same wave-link most of the time because we are so much alike.  That, in-and-of-itself is challenging, but it makes me understand you. And because of that, we make an inseparable pair.

July-12,-2010-0674X6You are passionate, protective, and responsible beyond your years.  I depend on you, already, and you’re only 5! I know that most of the time, you think before you act and not only consider what Mom and Dad would like you to do, but also what Jesus would like for you to do (fortunately, those two things are usually the same!).  And when you consider this for yourself, you always instruct Cooper to do the same.  July-12,-2010-069crop4X6You take your role as the biggest brother very seriously (sometimes, too much so) and guide and encourage Cooper and protect and adore Kaden. I honestly know I can trust you to be kind, thoughtful, and careful with your brothers when I’m not around. That’s a lot of trust to be able to put into a little guy like you, but you’ve proven over the years that you are simply that dependable. July-12,-2010-070

I love knowing what I’m going to get with you, Gager. You love red, creating things, challenging yourself, and holding my hand. You love telling Cooper what to do and carrying Kaden.  You love to ride your bike, shoot your bow, and are begging for a skate board.  You are devastatingly hard on yourself when you don’t accomplish what you set out to do.  You correct Cooper if he calls you anything other than ‘Doot Doo’ but introduce yourself to strangers as ‘Gage’.  You have more bruises and scratches and scabs on your legs and arms than I have blog posts. 

My thanks to Jesus for you is eternal.  And my love for you is ever-lasting. 


Mom said...

Precious, absolutely precious. Yes, Gage is truly a gift from God.

XOXO to Doot from Grammie.

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